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Wearable Art Shirt: White Cotton Tee with Hand-Sewn Black Silk Graphic — Prototype for Upcoming Couture Collection

Wearable Art Shirt: White Cotton Tee with Hand-Sewn Black Silk Graphic — Prototype for Upcoming Couture Collection

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This top is fashion and art: Wear it or display it. You can custom order a one-of-a-kind version in either a feminine or masculine cut for yourself or as a gift.

Jane Rubin improvised the black silk graphic and then combined it with a high quality white cotton t-shirt — hand-sewing — to create this fine art shirt.

The black silk shape is inspired by dance.

This shirt is a prototype for the upcoming handmade collection of men's and women's wearable art. The collection will include tops for men and women — as well as beautiful dresses.

Wear a feminine version with a black pencil skirt and heels to make a stunning style statement. Wear a masculine version with a black suit while giving a boardroom presentation — or with jeans at a club.

I am a "Dancer Who Paints."

In childhood, I was an advanced Ballet Dancer and Pianist. In my early teens my primary focus became Painting and Drawing. As I have evolved as an artist — without thinking about it — I have increasingly combined Dance and Choreography with my Visual Art — because I am naturally a Dancer, first. I improvise my Visual Art using my athletic coordination and muscle memory, as well as with vision and imagination. In fact, I can draw other athletes — in motion — in real-time — due to my own athletic coordination.

My paintings, drawings, and 3D installations and stage design have been exhibited in New York City and Los Angeles and published on book covers and in magazines. In my 20s I was a "Selected American Artist" in the Whitney Museum of American Art ISP. In my 30s I was an Instructor at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

The shirt is:

- White cotton with black silk design hand-sewn by me
- One-of-a-kind
- Made-to-order in a masculine or feminine cut
- Machine washable on gentle cycle
- Can be worn or framed as wall decor
- Designed with a clean, minimalist style.
- This shirt reflects my own natural, uncluttered style.

It also makes a beautiful, unique gift for him or her.

Shipping is absolutely free.

That makes this piece even more accessible for collectors.

More high quality photos of the shirt will be added to this listing.

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