Family First

My parents, Bud and Peggy Rubin, we’re faithfully married for 59 years. My father — a visionary Yale Law School graduate — argued a landmark civil rights case in the U. S. Supreme Court and filled our home with his beautiful clarinet playing. My mother championed the rights of the mentally ill and disabled as an innovative social worker. My parents were not self-promoters. They were elegant, but overly humble middle-class people. Their unwavering family and core values are present in both my life and art. Invest in fashion, home decor, and art that expresses this timeless style.

Champion Collection

You will look amazing and feel great in The Champion Collection, featuring a range of premium cotton shirts, hoodies, and dresses, as well as beautiful coffee mugs, pillows, and rich wall art reproductions of the original Champion oil painting. Measuring 54" x 52", the original oil painting is an early self-portrait symbolizing strength and vulnerability. Embody its power.

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  • Champion — on 100% organic ring-spun and combed cotton white long-sleeve shirt
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  • Champion — on 100% ring-spun and combed cotton tee — available in white and multiple muted tones
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  • Champion — on microwave and dishwasher-safe 15 oz white ceramic mug
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Derreck John Alexander — My Husband

Derreck Alexander and I met in 1998. We instantly became a faithful couple, living together in New York City, where I drew and painted Derreck at our home. Derreck is a talented, gifted man who had a college basketball scholarship, but broke both wrists on a dunk his freshman year. He would have had a pro career. He is a True Champion, a Man with Real Soul and Depth, and a Real New Yorker.

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  • 100% organic cotton white raglan sweatshirt featuring a portrait of DNice — Derreck Alexander — drawn from life
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  • 100% organic ring-spun, combed cotton white long-sleeve shirt featuring portrait of Derreck Alexander and the "DNice Real New York" logo
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  • Ultra-soft 3/4 sleeve baseball tee made of 52% airlume ring-spun and combed cotton and 48% polyester featuring a portrait of Derreck Alexander. Red or black sleeves.
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A-List Minimalism

A-List Message Tees and Hats. Dresses soon. This stylish collection of 100% cotton men's and women's fashion is designed with minimalist elegance for fashion forward leaders. So if you're a spineless follower — don't buy it.

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  • Anti-Semites are Losers — Ring-Spun Combed Cotton Message Tee — Look and feel amazing while conquering loser bigots.
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  • Stereotypes are Whack — Baseball Hat — Cotton minimalist baseball cap in blue, white, beige, or gold — Look cool. Spread the word.
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  • Stand up to intolerance in this women's premium cotton message tee. Jane Rubin is a Straight, Feminine Woman — and — Jane has always supported everyone's civil and marriage rights. However, Jane has been bullied and lied about by militants and crazy narcissists.
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All-Ballet Collection

Adorn yourself with wearable art that transcends airbrushed, phony celebrity culture.

Billionaire egomaniacs in sports-entertainment try to exploit and defame — Jane Rubin — by calling this "fan art." No it's not. Player and team names are not included. The paintings Jane made — while she was performing live — at men's pro sports games — came from Jane's own innate athletic coordination and ballet dancer muscle memory. Jane was an advanced ballet dancer growing up. When her ballet instructor stopped teaching in her pre-teens, Jane's focus became painting — but Jane is a Dancer Who Paints.

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  • Framed archival poster of Jane Rubin painting — live — at the West 4th Street Basketball Championship.
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  • 100% Cotton Shirt — featuring a watercolor of John Strickland painted live at the West 4th Basketball Championship in New York
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  • 100% Cotton Hoodie — featuring a watercolor of John Strickland painted live at the West 4th Basketball Championship in New York
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Haute Couture Collection coming soon.