Artist Jane Rubin — Dancer Who Paints

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From early childhood to her pre-teens — Jane Rubin was a ballet dancer whom people considered to have the talent to dance professionally.

In childhood, Jane never asked to take ballet.

Due to her innate coordination — Jane was put in a ballet class.

In Jane's hometown, York, PA — during an onstage dance performance:

Jane's coordination and balance were noticed.

Jane was put in a ballet class in downtown York, taught by a Soloist from The National Ballet of Washington D.C.

That ballet coach assessed Jane as having an unusual level of core stability and balance. She put Jane on point when Jane was nine years old, which is a few years younger than the usual age.

However, that ballet coach suddenly retired in Jane's pre-teens.

So, in her pre-teens, Jane was forced to suddenly stop ballet.

In childhood, Jane was also an an advanced pianist: Jane started giving recitals in childhood.

In childhood, Jane was also an advanced visual artist: Jane was able to draw and paint realistically — even on a larger-than-life scale — in childhood — before she had formal art training.

Jane's ability to draw and paint other athletes-in-motion comes from Jane's own ballet coordination and muscle memory.

Jane never thinks while painting and drawing.

Jane can "feel" another athlete's movements — in real time — with her own Dancer Coordination — and Dancer Muscle Memory.

In fact — often — Jane is not even looking at the paper while drawing or painting.

It is a purely dance-related ability.