Artist Jane Rubin — Dancer Who Paints

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Getting the facts of my real life straight for everyone — because delusional narcissists in sports and entertainment — for many years — have used their billions and mass media power to spread lies and to childishly bully me.

They also injured family members and others close to me.

Like my talented — but overly humble middle-class family — in York, PA — I was too humble — never said anything.

I took the high road — but that does not work.

Never too late for the facts.

From early childhood to my pre-teens — I was a serious ballet dancer.

I am not a boxer. I am not physically aggressive. I was not tomboy — far from it.

In early childhood, some people saw me moving on stage, noticed my coordination, and put me in a ballet class in York, PA taught by a Soloist from The National Ballet.

She viewed me as having advanced ability and put me on point when I was nine, a few years younger than the usual age.

However, she suddenly retired in my pre-teens, and I was forced to stop ballet training,

Of course — cannot join a ballet company now — and never wanted to — would have been modern dance.

I was a Naturally Feminine Girl — with a small frame — and no upper body strength.

I did not play sports and never wanted to.

However — all athletic movement is ballet.

So ballet muscle memory takes over when I am drawing another athlete.

There is no thinking involved.

The athletic forms and spacing in the art — come from me — a Dancer — who paints and draws.

It does not from any pro athlete in my art.

The paintings and drawings I made of pro male athletes were never about celebrity athletes or pro sports teams.

It was not about Yankees vs. Mets.

It was not about one pro athlete vs. another.

It was not fan art.

It is silly for anyone to suggest that it was.

For the most part — I did not include names, numbers, or team uniforms in the art.

In fact:

The athleticism and choreography of my art of athletes-in-motion — comes from me — from my ballet coordination and muscle memory.

It does not come from them.

I am a Dancer, Painter, and Musician.

It is my own coordination and muscle memory — from dance — and visual-spatial acuity — and musicality — that creates the athletic form and spacing in the drawing or painting.

It does not matter who the athlete is.

It does not matter if he is a beginner or a pro.

It is my own coordination and muscle memory that creates the form and space.

In the past few years — Dance and Sports Medicine Professionals did assessments — said that I am youthful and fit enough to retrain as a Dancer right now — and dance on point.

Of course — I do not "think" that I am going to join a ballet company at this point...I have heard every silly hater joke in the world...including that sarcastic remark.


At my core — I am a naturally coordinated and trained ballet dancer — and if I had a big grant to focus on solely on retraining as a Dancer — I could get back to an advanced enough level to perform modern dance.

During the past 10 to 15 years — I have been choreographing modern dance movement and composing original music and sound.

Jane Cohen Rubin
Straight Biological Woman
Never wild

While making art at sports events — I was living — faithfully — with my talented husband — Derreck Alexander — who fully supported this art.

I was — not — interested in "hooking up" with any man or woman in sports and entertainment.

My faithfully married, middle-class parents — Bud and Peggy Rubin — raised a self-disciplined, sober daughter.

I do not judge others — and I have always supported everyone's civil and marriage rights.

However — my personal life is conservative.